The Jimmy Driftwood Legacy Project

Why We Started the "Legacy Project" and What We Do Now

The Jimmy Driftwood Legacy Project was started in 2002 when we decided to compile a complete list of Jimmy's songs and poems and recordings. We discovered no one had ever done that, including the University of Central Arkansas where all of Jimmy's musical and literary stuff is professionally archived and made available to anyone wanting to do research.
___We also wanted to answer questions raised through Jimmy's storytelling, historical songs, etc., including his ancestry (for instance, "my Cherokee uncles"), his birth and upbringing in the Ozark hills of north central Arkansas, one of the remotest parts of America at the time.
We wanted to have in one place everything that could be known and published about this common American who gave so much to the cultural heritage of his native region, state and nation. Our first objective was a large book, something like "The Life and Music of Jimmy Driftwood" but was encouraged at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn in Mountain View, Arkansas, to "do something sooner" because "there is nothing out here on Jimmy." A much smaller "first book" - "The Jimmy Driftwood Primer, A Biography" - resulted and hundreds have been sold.
___"The Primer" was soon followed with "The Life, Career & Legacy of Arkansas Folk Music Legend Jimmy Driftwood in the Words of Prestigious and Respected Persons and Publications," - a compilation of dozens of quotations from individuals, media publications and books plus photos and illustrations from as long ago as 1958 and not to be found in any other place.
___As the months have passed along, we have issued other books and recordings by and about Jimmy, our grandest project to date is "The Jimmy Driftwood Story." This book is the most comprehensive publication anywhere and combines the books mentioned above plus much more and about 50 photos and illustrations from the archives of the Grand Ole Opry, the University of Central Arkansas, Grammy-winning Grand Ole Opry photographer Les Leverett and more. It is available on CD-ROM for PC and in printed form. Please see our menu of Books & Recordings to order.
___Because we write on topics of American history and culture other than Jimmy Driftwood, we have a sister organization, "Jimmy Driftwood-Americana," that promotes and ships for the "Legacy Project."
___We invite your participation with us.

Mission and Purpose

The Jimmy Driftwood Legacy Project is a privately owned organization dedicated to collecting information by and about the extraordinary Ozark mountain man whose name the project bears. We believe the community of mankind ought to see how one common American did what he could with his time on earth, with his energy and talents, and with what wealth he acquired beyond his basic needs. Input from devotees and fans of Jimmy is invited.

Mission: To publish books, recordings and other media to provide comprehensive subject matter and commentary on the life and times, poetry and music of Jimmy Driftwood.

Purpose: To inform "whole new generations" of readers, listeners and viewers what Jimmy Driftwood did during his time on earth in order to inspire them to (A) listen to his music, to read his poetry and song lyrics and (B) to do whatever they can to develop their own talents-whether in music, writing, politics, religion, science, the trades and professions, or other fields-and to be generous with their means, their time and their talents.

We believe Jimmy's literary and musical works will help people to live better lives, raise better children and have better communities. Whatever we can find that represents the life and career of Jimmy Driftwood we want to collect it and prepare it for publication and distribution to "whole new generations" of people.

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