Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
We Stock and Ship for The Jimmy Driftwood Legacy Project

THE JIMMY DRIFTWOOD SONGBOOK. Within minutes you can be singing just like Jimmy Driftwood! In this book are all the words and chord changes you need.
____ Songs include: Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee Stud, The Wilderness Road, Billy Yank and Johnny Reb, He Had A Long Chain On, The Marshal of Silver City, Razorback Steak, The Giant on the Thunderhead, Damyankee Lad, On Top of Shiloh's Hill, Sailor Man, When I Swim the Golden River, Sal's Got A Sugar Lip, Soldier's Joy, I'm Too Young to Marry, Banjer Pickin' Man, The Shanty in the Holler, St. Brendon's Isle, The Battle of San Juan Hill, Peter Francisco, The Widders of Bowling Green, Arkansas Traveler, Four Little Girls in Boston ...and many more. 73 in all. (Optional CD of melody lines available. See below on this page.)

~ SONGBOOK $10.00 ~

Companion CD recording of melody lines.

~ CD $10.00 (Postpaid) ~


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Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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