Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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THE JIMMY DRIFTWOOD SONGS SAMPLER - 24 songs by and about Jimmy - performed by artists other than Jimmy.
__The songs and performers are The Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee Stud and My Church by Jimmy's buddy Sherwin Linton from the last album Jimmy's voice is on. Sherwin also performs Jimmy Please Play That Ol' Pickin' Bow along with Jimmy. Glen Branscum, who traveled with Jimmy for many years, performs The Baby-O and Razorback Steak. Storyteller Guerry Jameson-McConnell performs Peter Francisco and Pam Linton sings The Rosary My Mother Gave to Me.
__Richard Kent Streeter does He Had A Long Chain On and a tribute to Jimmy with Grandma's Piece of "Driftwood." Dan "The Tire Man" Merry III pays tribute to Jimmy with his Hero of the Ozarks. Instrumentals are Eighth of January by Jimmy's legendary harmonica player Percy Copeland and Soldier's Joy by Ozark banjoist Beki Jeanne Fuller.
__Mountain View, I Hear Your Music Ringing is done by Ramona Jones at Grandpa Jones Family Dinner Theater; The Wilderness Road by Tennessee legend Roy Harper; Slack Your Rope Hangman and When I Swim the Golden River by British legend Bryan Chalker. Virginians Annie & Mac perform mountain style on Jordan Am A Hard Road to Travel and Song of the Pioneers; Nellie Branscum sings Beautiful White River Valley with autoharp and The Portersharks Irish Band render a lively version of St. Brendan's Isle. .
__Tributes to Jimmy include Lyle Mayfield with his The Favorite Singing Son of Arkansas and Richard Kent Streeter's Ring A Bell 100 Times; that followed by Jimmy's epitaph song Scatter My Ashes O'er the Mountains.

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Jimmy Driftwood-Americana
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