Jimmy Driftwood Stories
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Four friends and I had just graduated from high school in 1973 (Memphis, TN) and decided to take a camping trip to Greers Ferry. When we got there we did high school kid stuff (swimming, sleeping, jumping off bridges into the river!) and then ended up at the Ozark Folk Center. We spent a good while there during the day and then went back that evening for the show. Jimmy was there and we really enjoyed his part of it. When he was done, he invited everyone to his home to visit and told us all that if he wasn't there to let ourselves in an put on a pot of coffee.

The next day we found his home and, of course, he wasn't there, so we hesitantly let ourselves in. While we waited in his kitchen area a number of folks came and took a tour of the house. We weren't there long when the phone rang and one of my friends answered it! He told the caller that Jimmy wasn't home. Then my buddy laughed and hung up. We asked him what made him laugh and he said the person on the phone told him to put on a pot of coffee!!

A short time later Jimmy got back and sat and talked with us for a good while. He treated us like old friends and bid us well in our futures. I have never made it back to Mountain View or Timbo, but his kindness and wisdom will always be a wonderful memory for me. . .

I have visited Jimmy and his wife when visiting Mt. View. He couldn't have been nicer during our visit, showing us around their home and answering questions about their collection of "stuff". My husband was a musician and played some at the barn. I'm so excited his legacy is being preserved.